250 hp says it all. To get such a performance from the Mégane RS 2.0 l turbo engine, our engineers made the most of the experience gained by Renault Sport on circuits all over the world. The result was 250 hp, for a torque of 340 Nm, available on a wide range of engine speeds, and a weight / power ratio of 5.4 kg/hp, synonymous with high responsiveness. The gearbox has six speeds, driven by a reduced travel control, giving maximum driving pleasure. The performance doesn't disappoint: 0 to 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds and a 1 000m standing start in just 25.7 seconds. Performances which are at the top of the category, combined with optimised fuel economy.

The powerfully evocative exterior style of the Mégane RS is the expression of its high level of performance and technology. Its front side is impressive, with its widened wings, its front bumper equipped with an aerodynamic strip inspired by Formula 1 and its LED technology headlamps. Seen from the rear, Mégane RS looks like it's ready to pounce, with its muscular shoulders, its vent and its chrome exhaust. Just as expressive are the 18" or 19" aluminium wheel rims, which have a real sporty chic feel. Renault Sport style.

What if pleasure became the number one priority? The pleasure of driving
a real sports car, glued to the road, extremely responsive...

The Mégane RS makes these sensations available to all drivers. Its precise,
high-performance is still accessible, offering daily thrills in complete safety.
With its lowered seat and widened tracks, the Mégane RS SPORT chassis
combines comfort and performance. It gives exceptional road-holding and
optimal traction. The ESP can be disconnected, for an un-assisted, more
dynamic and direct drive. Thanks to its impressive Brembo® brakes (340mm
disks), the Mégane RS brakes with the same energy with which it accelerates.

For even more sportiness, the Mégane RS is also available in a CUP version.
It features a CUP chassis which is lowered by 10mm, and combined with
the HLSD limited slip differential, and is ideal for the circuit. And so that
you can follow developments in several parameters as they happen, the
RS Monitor system can display information on mechanical behaviour
(power, torque, lateral and longitudinal Gs etc.) and performance (stopwatch,
0 to 100 kph etc.). Equipment taken straight from competition driving, a
first for a sports car in this category.